Icarus is an innovative theatre collective with a specialist education team dedicated to designing educational workshops alongside our productions. Our education team is made up of professional facilitators with fully enhanced CRB checks. We seek to provide students with engaging, comprehensive and, above all, practical investigations of texts and theatrical concepts.

We supplement our professional productions with a rich range of educational work, taking our artists and workshop leaders into schools and bringing schools backstage to theatres. Participants will not sit through lectures, but instead will work hands-on with us through customised workshops and activities.

Each of our 90 minute workshops offers:

  • An opportunity to work with a professional workshop facilitator and a professional actor from our cast (subject to performance schedules – if we cannot provide an actor we will provide two professional facilitators).
  • Space for up to 30 students per workshop, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to really get involved.
  • A comprehensive education pack, ideal for further work with your students.
  • The flexibility to work with us to put together the best workshop for the ages and abilities of your students.
  • The possibility to work on a specific scene and on different Shakespearean texts, tailoring the workshop accordingly.
Macbeth Workshops:

Building a Shakespearean Character

In this workshop, students will have the chance to discover how contemporary theatre works to access the Shakespearean character. Through exploring Icarus’ Stanislavski-based approach practically to creating characters in Macbeth or Hamlet, students will bring the characters to life themselves, culminating in a greater understanding of those characters and of how to move Shakespeare from page to stage.

Shakespeare the Icarus Way

A workshop designed specifically to accompany Icarus’ unique production of Macbeth or Hamlet. An ideal accompaniment to seeing the show and to understanding how contemporary theatre revitalises Shakespeare’s work, this workshop gives students the opportunity to workshop the opening scene exactly as Icarus did. In exploring Icarus’ approach to Hamlet, students will work practically with both Shakespearean verse and choral work, two of the mainstays of our theatre today. In exploring Macbeth, students will work with Stanislavski and Laban techniques to develop story.

Physicality, Etiquette and Gender

A practical workshop that will introduce students to elements of Shakespearean etiquette, physicality and gender, enabling them to better understand the context in which Shakespeare wrote. We will work with the students to apply these ideas practically to a scene within the play, exploring the concept of gender relationships and charting the differences between how these would have been portrayed in Shakespeare’s time and our own.

Trippingly on the Tongue

This workshop gives students an opportunity to understand verse in the best possible way – by speaking it. Taking a scene from Macbeth or Hamlet, we provide an introduction into how actors access the meaning of Shakespearean verse through vocal work and textual analysis. By the end of the 90 minute workshop, the verse should be tripping off their tongues!

Our education team is able to adapt material to fit your requirements and can tailor your workshop to suit other Shakespeare texts where necessary.

One workshop: £275. Two workshops: £500.

Please call 0207 998 1562 or e-mail the education team at


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