Macbeth is presented by the Icarus Theatre Collective, a London-based touring theatre company. Icarus is unique as a mid-scale theatre company in that it functions as a collective. A team of artists and managers run the company under the measured artistic direction of company founder Max Lewendel. Many team members collaborate on varied tasks and responsibilities, broadening their skill sets with each project they work on. In this way artists and managers can learn many skills simultaneously and the company maintains a clear, strong artistic vision.

The Icarus Theatre Collective explores the harsh, brutal side of classical and modern drama. We also value post-modernism and the great surrealists, blending classic stories into a new Theatre of the Absurd, which maintains a cohesive, evocative story. Tales of mutilation, rape, and incest are not anathema to us, rather we choose to relish what others shy away from, show what others daren’t, destroy boundaries when others would create rules.

We aim to produce two mid-scale tours and one fringe production every year that are intellectual, visceral and engaging, and always kinetic & dynamic: theatre that moves.

Follow this blog for a behind-the-scenes look at Icarus’ production of Macbeth, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, and on tour for the following eight months. We will update regularly with notes from the director, cast members, and other collaborators.

National Tour of Macbeth
Autumn 2011 – Spring 2012

Something wicked this way comes…

Unrivalled on the battlefield, Macbeth is rewarded with rank and favour by a grateful king. But with each enemy Macbeth butchers to serve his own vaulting ambition, his lust for power takes a more menacing grip until, driven to distraction by greed, he ferociously seizes the throne. But, violence breeds violence, and a reign born in blood quickly spirals out of control as Macbeth’s deeds return to destroy him.

The vicious, barbaric undercurrent in Shakespeare’s epic tragedy erupts in this kinetic, blood-thirsty production that goes straight for the jugular. Blending the original verse with live music played by the actors and evocative gothic design, this slick new version is perfect for audiences new to Macbeth and those already well acquainted with Shakespeare’s tragedy.


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