“Scary – but in a good way!”

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We recently received some lovely feedback proving that our Macbeth suits all ages:

I was part of a family group that was lucky enough to see your production of ‘Macbeth’ at Stamford Arts Centre on Friday 3rd. My eldest niece is studying the play and her younger sister (12) hasn’t seen any Shakespeare live on stage. We hoped that this version would prove a perfect introduction.

We were not disappointed!

Vivid, economical, exciting, judiciously cut and acted with energy and drive, we loved it – thank you all so much! I do hope you get the enthusiastic and appreciative audiences you deserve as you continue your tour of the country. Your energy reserves must be huge!

I think my niece summed it up rather well when she said “Scary – but in a good way!”

Best wishes,
C Leeder

  1. B Cook says:

    Fantastic production and superb performances by all. The quality of acting from Joel Gorf as Macbeth and Sophie Brooke as Lady Macbeth make this a must-see production.

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