Kind Words for Macbeth

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s a review from one of the schools that attended our performance last Wednesday at the Source Arts Center in Thurles. The cast and crew wrapped up a wonderful run in Ireland, and look forward to returning next year for the spring leg of the tour!

“Thirty of our fifth year students had the opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre on Wednesday night last when they attended an excellent performance of Macbeth at The Source Theatre. Directed by  Max Lewendal, the Icarus Theatre Collective’s production of the ‘Scottish play’ has received much critical acclaim and having witnessed Wednesday night’s performance it is fair to say that those positive reviews are more than justified. The acting, particularly by  Joel Gorf, who played Macbeth, and  Sophie Brooke, who played Lady Macbeth, was of a very high quality and the company certainly succeeded in recreating the play’s atmosphere of eeriness and malevolence. The tension in the lead up to Duncan’s murder was almost palpable while other highlights included the porter’s comic interlude and the excellently choreographed battle scenes. It was certainly enjoyed by the students who attended and it should be hugely beneficial in improving their knowledge of and appreciation for the play they will be answering on in next year’s Leaving Cert English exam.”

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