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Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

In addition to producing a touring production, the Icarus Theatre Collective is also involved with the educational side of theatre. While the company is touring, the collective facilitates educational workshops for secondary level students who are studying Shakespearean texts. These workshops help students bring the play from page to stage, and allow them to work not only with a trained workshop facilitator, but also with an actor from the company! Workshops can cover a wide range of areas, from building a Shakespearean character, to physicality etiquette and gender, to Shakespearean language and how Icarus does Shakespeare. We have multiple workshops booked for this fall and next spring, so if you’re an educator currently doing Shakespeare with your students, please feel free to contact our office (+44 0207 998 1562) for more information on pricing and dates! Below you’ll find praise for workshops the company put on while they were touring Hamlet last year.


Recent feedback on Icarus’s Hamlet Workshops:

“Very successful; [the workshop leaders were] enthusiastic and we are all thinking about the characters’ objectives now in each scene. The students were taken out of their comfort zone and some have suggested we borrow the drama studio more often so that we can act out the scenes properly. Thank You”

Evelyn Roberts, English Teacher, City College Norwich


“The focus on language certainly met my expectations… and [the students] felt the work on language was very useful”

Lindsay Gumbrell, Assistant Headteacher: Director of Training, King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds


“Acting out and directing key scenes with focus upon “Why are they saying that?” was exactly what was required [for our students]”

Hilary Hanna, English Teacher, Cheltenham Bourneside School


The students were engaged from beginning to end…fantastic”

Ben Read, Drama and English Teacher, George Farmer College, Lincolnshire


“The interactive roleplay involving students was an excellent way of exploring the Director’s vision…A very successful workshop [that created] a positive atmosphere”

S Allen, English Teacher, Holy Family Secondary School, Co.Kildare, Ireland

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